Friday, December 07, 2007

Speaker Repair!!!

So, last year before we moved, I bought a pair of Dahlquist DQ-10 speakers from a thrift store for $40. Well, after we moved I tried them out and they sounded like there was something wrong with them. They sat in our media room, unused and unhooked up. When we got our TV for the media room, I had to do some re-arranging, and figured I'd just post them to craigslist or something. I got to thinking about it, wondering if they could be repaired, and for how much.
I found some places on the internet that sold new hinges (the foam or cloth rings that are around the edge of the speaker horn. The sound they described when the hinges are broken is similar to what I heard. Last night I decided to figure out how to remove the speaker grilles and inspect the individual drivers, so see maybe if it was just the hinges. When I got the grille of one off, the hinge around the woofer was completed rotted away. I decided to go ahead and order a do-it-yourself repair kit from Simply Speakers and try that out. Hopefully that will work.

p.s. I also saw that they have replacement passive radiators for the Infinity speakers that I sold in a garage sale years ago. Wish I'd known that then....never would have let them go.

Monday, December 03, 2007

New Adoption Agency

I've just been nominated to be the webmaster of a new adoption agency, Adopt for the Love of a Child, the design is somewhat '90s, but I'm planning on changing that. Go check it out, they do both domestic and international adoptions.